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Male Rectal Examination Trainer - Advanced

Made in UK

  • Simulation of sphincter contraction allows trainees to assess anal tone
  • Interchangeable prostates can be quickly and easily inserted, out of sight of the trainee
  • Left lateral positioning
  • Addition of impacted faecal matter allows trainees to recognise and distinguish this common finding
  • High quality illustration pack of 9 external anal conditions
  • Both the Advanced and Standard (60170) model offer a contractible anal sphincter, allowing for anal tone assessment, and a faecal impaction clip in module
  • External ano-rectal illustrations are ideal for incorporation into scenarios and OSCE assessments
  • Soft, partable buttocks
  • Realistic anus with resting tone and ability to contract
  • Trainer can also be presented in a 'semi-standing' position using the optional Standing Position Stand (60172)
  • Latex free
  • Buttocks, anus, rectum, prostate and perineum
  • Pathological perineum - with polyp and rectal cancer
  • 4 abnormal prostates:
  • Benign unilateral enlarged
  • Benign bilateral enlarged
  • Unilateral carcinoma
  • Bilateral carcinom

Set Components:

  • Base Unit
  • Left Lateral Stand
  • Normal Perineum with Anal Tone
  • Pathological Perineum with Anal Tone
  • Normal Prostate Yes Yes
  • Benign Unilateral Enlarged Prostate
  • Benign Bilateral Enlarged Prostate
  • Unilateral Carcinoma Prostate
  • Bilateral Carcinoma Prostate
  • Impacted Faecal Matter
  • External Conditions Illustration Pack
  • Lubricant


Male Rectal Examination Trainer - Advanced

  • Digital examination of the anus, rectum and prostate
  • Assessment of anal tone
  • Identification of faecal matter in the rectum
  • Identification of external ano-rectal conditions
  • Professional to patient communication